Local markets in Ha Giang

It’s a very good option to visit a small or large authentic local market in Ha Giang province. The best days for visiting a large local market are Saturday or Sunday. Some markets take place in the working days in the week. It’s a great opportunity to see the people of ethnic minorities, who came here travelling many kilometers from their homes. They sell mainly fabrics, animals and food. Here is a little excerpt of larger markets, local markets are named according to areas where they are held:

ha Giang

  • Quyet Tien, Quan Ba (Tam Son) – Saturday market
  • Quan Ba – Sunday market
  • Coc Pai – Sunday market ( Xin Man Town )
  • Lung Phin – every 6th day
  • Hoang Su Phi – Sunday market
  • Sa Phin – every 6th day
  • Pho Cao – every 6th day
  • Pho Bang – every 6th day
  • Ma Le (Dong Van) – Saturday market
  • Dong Van – Sunday market
  • Khau Vai Love market (26th and 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar)
  • Meo Vac – the largest Sunday market in Ha Giang province
  • Minh Tan – Friday market
  • Lung Tam – Tuesday Market
  • Trang Kim – Thursday and sunday Market