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90% of Young Hmong people in country side know how to do it, but you don’t!

H’mong weaving is still playing the important part in the local people’s daily life. All stages including connecting flax to be fabric for weaving, dying colors, then embroidering skillful patterns makes up the costume are made by hand of H’mong people.

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In Hmong’s villages, every house also has weaving loom and any pretty woman also knows how to tear flax, weave line and embroider. No matter where, no matter what H’mong women do, as long as they have free time, they will connect fabrics and embroidery as a lighting. Each brocade product bring to itself the images of diligent H’mong women.

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H’mong weaving is taught from generation to next generation so nobody knows exactly when weaving flax fabrics handicraft of Hmong people appeared, just know that when Hmong girls are up to full-moon age, they mastered the job even the most difficult stages.

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