ha giang city

The most beautiful Location and picture In Ha Giang

Inspired by some kind of beautiful photos I found while runing my job as a tour guide , which is quickly becoming my favorite social platform, I thought it would be a great idea to start off with a post on the most beautiful places in the Ha Giang.

fortunately I have been visited all of these places so many times, today i would like to share some of my pictures and some of them from my friend or my guest about this area.

Here’s a list of the most awesome and must-visit locations in ha giang province you need to know.


Ha Giang adventure

                    Minh Tan village

ha giang happy road

Happy road

ha giang tours

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ha Giang Tours

H’mong Palace

good thing for to do in ha giang

Lung Cu Village ( Lung Cu flag )

 mountain in Ha Giang

rocky mountains in Dong Van

village in ha giang

Nam Dam Village

                                                     Couple Moutain in Quan Ba Town


traditional house in ha giang

Tha Village

beautiful village in ha giang

Ha Thanh Village