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Lô Lô Ethnic Group

The Lô Lô mostly grow rice and corn, and raise cattle. All their animal protein is comes from their livestock; the majority of Lô Lô do not hunt or fish. There is a lot a variety between the different Lô Lô groups when is comes to dress and architectural style.

beautiful group

Most Lô Lô build houses in tight communities that are located in a high, dry, windy spot overlooking a valley, and near a forest if possible. In general, women’s clothing is decorated with colorful patterns made up of different cloth that is sewn together.

Ha Giang lo lo people in Ha Giang

The Lô Lô worship dead ancestors and loved ones, and attach a lot of religious significance to the kettledrum, which is played only at funerals. Unlike other groups, such as the Tày and H’Mông, the Lô Lô do not fear evil spirits. A Lô Lô pictographic writing system was developed around 400 year ago, but few individuals can still read the symbols.